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Iptv is just a technology - there will be legitimate and illegitimate services using it. But if 'prices look great' that's probably because you'll be paying criminals for stolen content. Not sure I'd want to be giving my credit card information to criminal organisations.

I expect a few people will post that they've been watching PL/Bundesliga/La liga, etc, games via iptv for a fiver a month for years and never had any issues ...


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7 hours ago, boatman said:

Does anybody use and is it legal?

A bit of google research seems to suggest it’s a grey area at best.

Price looks great but sometimes when something looks to good to be true it normally is.

I had it for a couple of years ago for 12 months.

It was very good when it worked. £30 a year or so for every channel you can imagine from just about every country you can think of. Something like 12,000 channels in all, including subscription sport and movie channels etc.

What mine didn't have was ifollow for all the City games, though I know some services do.

I also found that it could be quite hit and miss if a channel was working or not and it could be quite annoying if it wasn't working at the time you wanted it.

If I could find a more reliable service I would probably go back to it but not really researched much recently, and on the legal side it may well be worth getting yourself a permanent VPN to watch it through.

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I think it's a very good system if you are tech savvy. When it works (and in my experience its 95% spot on) its excellent. When the isp blocks come it becomes a ball ache if you are unaware how to use VPNs etc. You have to remember it's not Sky or Virgin media therefore you will experience issues from time to time. 

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