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Bristol City v Pompey

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5 minutes ago, cityloyal473 said:

I know it's only pre-season and we've been told they're training games, but I'm slightly concerned I must admit.  We looked off it against Celtic and look off it again today.  Just like we did for the majority of games last season.  It cannot just be a coincidence. 

I think the first priority is to get our players to a level of fitness required for Championship football. The football side of it is almost secondary until that happens. I would EXPECT us to get better as pre-season goes along and if not then maybe time to start wondering what is happening. If you run people into the ground, which we seem to be doing (three sessions a day, hardest pre-season ever according to Danny SImpson) then short term you lose sharpness and that affects you in matches.

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Personally think we should be going with Weimann and wells up front with Palmer in behind and 3 midfielders sitting behind him. Semenyo isn’t fit and he’s our only true right winger if we are to play with wingers (o’dowda on left). Don’t want to see Weimann out wide of I’m honest 

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2 minutes ago, billywedlock said:

Agree, it is not anything like what we have ever seen before 

Yep in terms of still doing it in 70 plus minutes. I remember QPR at home under LJ where he put in one hell of the shift but he could barely jog after half time. It's why I never really questioned his desire to run, but now he has that stamina to keep doing it. Well it seems so from this game anyway.

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