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Bristol City v Mk Dons

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Just now, SBB said:

Lovely goal.


Moore to Simpson, back to Moore. Cross pitch to advancing Nurse, who slides Pring down the line beating offside trap. Pring crosses on the run. Side foot half volley finish from 8 yards. Beaut. 

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9 minutes ago, PHILINFRANCE said:

An excellent finish and an all round, well-worked goal.

I was surprised when seeing Tommy Conway walking back with Taylor Moore that they appeared roughly the same size: I didn't realise TC was so tall, I thought he was a lot shorter. 

Sam Bell you thinking of?

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4 minutes ago, Davefevs said:

Savvas Yianni. Nope never heard of him

Definitely back room Bod that had nothing else on, nice to see the linesmen using flags and not towels or old shirts 🤣

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3 minutes ago, Banned User said:

Commentator hasn't even watched the Celtic game fml

I don’t get the impression he was expecting to be commentating today. Nigel Turner is a veteran broadcaster, not heard him commentating in years. 

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10 minutes ago, CiderHeadDan said:

Have to say MK Dons look dreadful and 90% of out opportunities has came from us pressing their mistakes.

I reckon I buggered it by saying they looked decent at half time but like to think we've been far better in the second that them being worse. They have looked poor so far in the second though.

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