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What would have happened…

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11 hours ago, Mr X said:

I could barely listen to his voice for more than a few minutes before I had to switch it off. Ipswich Town fans are in love with him according to the comments though! 

We were as well to a certain extent....in time they'll realise, just like we did.

11 hours ago, Distortia said:

Serious question.. has anyone of his role in a club ever done that before?


Closest I can think of is when Michael Knighton was trying to buy United back in the late 80's....


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10 hours ago, Bristol_Badger said:

Move on. Some City fans obsess so much in the past 

“Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it”.

So therefore, I respectfully disagree.

Mark Ashton should be a very relevant case-in-point for all associated with Bristol City as a template for avoiding allowing a single point of failure who was enabled and empowered to build a monopoly on foundations of sand and empty words, spell-binding his employers and living on his wits until it was about to catch-up with him and off to Ipswich he went.

I hope for future generations of Robins his legacy is used as some sort of fable on what happens if you trust a charlatan, and his antics are followed as a reminder of what potentially lurks - much like The Babadook or Kaiser Soze (without the awe and charisma).

In all seriousness, it is fascinating to see him work his sleight of hand on the Ipswich mob. Knowing that what happened with Watford, Oxford, and us is around the corner. These are his good times in his cycle of employment and boy is he lapping it up!

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21 hours ago, awbb said:

Though we’ve had several people on the anti-Ashton bandwagon from day 1 (and fair play to them), it took right up until the appointment of Dean Holden for me to realise the level of misplaced self-confidence the man possesses. He pulled the wool over my eyes for over 4 years when push came to shove, which is embarrassing to admit.

Though the Oxford and Watford fans, before us, let us know, I didn’t heed their warnings so it’d be hypocritical of  me to laugh at any Ipswich fan sucked in by the billy bullshitter…

… However, that, right there, is the behaviour of an arch narcissist. Whereas we only got the insinuation that he was the mastermind behind most of Cotts’ double winning squad, there is clear and evident proof that you need to be very, very wary of that man being at your football club.

Yes, we all heard the warnings although, initially, not too many heeded them.

He is an incredibly odd individual, I actually believe that he truly thinks that he is the most important person at any club he is at.

On reflection, I am disappointed that this was not spotted by the owner and his son some time back.

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