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Basement Rovers dustbin thread


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1 minute ago, Eazy said:

Well you all think you're so big n bag... South Bristol dirty ******s... Thought you might fancy a one on one... Toe to toe with a Gashead??

I could be tempted ! what trainers are you wearing.

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2 minutes ago, Eazy said:

careful shit eds you almost amused me then. Offers there...



I should imagine you would be easy to amuse,just give you a colouring book and happy meal,Job done.

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17 minutes ago, Eazy said:

I 8 you shit ed *****. Would one of you like scummy lot like to meet one on one tonight?


Why bother coming all the way south of the river when there is probably someone who is a perfect match for you in Lockleaze if you really want a scummy one on one meeting tonight? - Try here:- http://www.grindr.com/

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1 minute ago, Esmond Million's Bung said:

Back on subject really nice of the gas to build a much needed car park for the 30k students at UWE, that's community spirit indeed.


How many caravans can they fit on this new car park.

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2 minutes ago, Jack Dawe said:

Do Stoke fans go through this with little Port Vale? Do any other Championship clubs have L2 types seeking attention?

He's obviously got all excited by the news that the gAss are hoping to start work on a car park, at the UWE, hopefully, in October.

Don't know about you, but that kind of news would have me all of a tizz if I was a gAsshole.....


By the way, is this their club history book......????




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2 minutes ago, yatesuperreds said:

surprised a gas head can use a keyboard

Bear in mind he hasn't got a qwerty key board,he's got a spready key board,it's extra wide as to accommodate all those fingers.

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