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Basement Rovers dustbin thread


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1 hour ago, 54-46 said:

You’d think that someone who tries to portray themselves as a bit of an intellectual would know that the top divisions don’t play during an International break



i was up on Gloucester rd saturday , didnt see any of those cretins about i thought they must of been playing away.

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1 hour ago, CiderJar said:

They just can't help themselves...


Caption competitionScreenshot_20211013-053915_Twitter.thumb.jpg.204a9957c5581546fb9b583605a87abb.jpg


41 minutes ago, weepywall said:

That photo has been doing the rounds, a Bradford fan said " I hope they are not planning to come to Bradford on Saturday...we will all be frightened to go" 😱


12 minutes ago, Port Said Red said:

I always thought they made Cub Scouts wear uniform on official trips? :)

I'd be worried to be fair. The coach would have got back so late most would have missed their bedtime by at least 6 or 7 hours.

Their teachers won't be happy when they doze off tomorrow in school.....

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20 minutes ago, Dolman_Stand said:

WHere would we need to finish in the league for our U21 side to be eligible for this competition next season? Surely that would be the final nail in the coffin of the "rivalry" if our U21's beat their senior side?

I *think* it’s based on your academy category, and you have to be Cat 1 to go in. As most premier league sides are Cat 1, if they want to take up the invite, they tend to use all the spaces (I think only Fulham are in from a championship level this year). 

So I think the invite hierarchy is:

Premier League (Cat One)

Championship (Cat One)

Premier League (Cat Two)

Championship (Cat Two)

Now, obviously Brentford aren’t eligible fullstop, some teams may decide not to partake (European football IIRC) and you have others whom it wouldn’t be plausible for (eg I think Derby are cat one but they’d decline an invite I’d imagine!)

So, we need to be Cat one and most likely in the Prem for this to arise 


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