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Bristol R*vers dustbin thread


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42 minutes ago, alexukhc said:

Who’s this legend at the darts?

excuse poor quality am at work


The bloke holding the slogan looks like Ian Holloway- perhaps it's his way of saying **** managing that shower of shite Mr Al Wababariqaeda, I'd rather watch drunk fat blokes chuck some arrows.

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12 hours ago, Miah Dennehy said:

I am hoping for Cotterill, he strikes me as a man who can get a simple message across to players on how he wants to play and what he expects from everyone. My main worry is that he will get an interview , realise the owners are full of shite, and think to himself '**** that'. I don't know about his personal situation, I suspect he would like a managers role again, but I don't think he would necessarily have to take this one, someone soon will surely offer him something.

I think SC is your best option. I just believe he’ll take the job, he lives locally and surely will be aware of a what a complete clown Wally is.

I’ve said it before, wouldn’t surprise me if Wally actually took over as manager 

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7 hours ago, TinMan's left peg said:

I’ve never heard of this guy but I really hope it’s true just for the name alone! Gary Wassock, Bristol Rovers manager. 


7 hours ago, Red-Robbo said:

Used to play for them about 20 years ago. Has managed Wycombe and Oxford.


He would also continue that weird link they seem to have with QPR when it comes to players and Managers, he played for them for years. Of course they recruited Darryl from non-league too, so maybe this is their thing now.

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