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City V Villa line up


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5 minutes ago, Street red said:

When I was watching the Celtic game I seen more in 30 minutes from the younger lads than I did the previous 60.. Scott will do alot more than palmer certainly give us more energy. We have some cracking players coming through.

There was nothing wrong with the energy levels from Palmer in that first 45, I would suspect that Pearson felt he had seen enough for next Saturday.

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7 minutes ago, Nathandao said:

This ref is useless

Premier League refs do seem to think they are mates with the players there, Mike Dean being the worst.

No surprise if they favour them against EFL teams.

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20 minutes ago, Davefevs said:

Just seen opening goal, Dasilva at fault, just got to stay inside his man, forget offside or anything like that.

I haven’t seen it, so can’t comment on the goal. But I’ve constantly said for two years that Dasilva can’t defend. For a left back it still amazes me!.


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Just now, dREDful said:

We only entered the opponent's area about 10 times though

Take your point, and sadly it’s not far off true. But we are a cursed team when it comes to actually being given penalties. It’s like efl referees have a running joke going on. 

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Just now, Top Robin said:

He never is

So you expect the left back to be stopping a cross from the left wing or to be where either of the centre halves should be?  If so he is going to be responsible for every goal this season. 

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