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The Office (UK): Ipswich Town edition

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1 hour ago, Bazooka Joe said:

That's what you get when you only sign 19 new players.

Ashton's plan for the January window?  Sign another 30 new players ! (and earn bucketloads of commission £££ ! )


You beat me to it, .it's almost like he gets a back hander for every transfer..........but THAT would be unethical to say the least !

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24 minutes ago, Peter O Hanraha-hanrahan said:

They love him don’t they?

Bless them, thick ******* nuggets. 🤣



Deary me. How far in the sand are their heads buried?

It doesn't take too much research to see everyone wanted him gone way before he buggered off to Ipswich 🤣

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