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Luton Town home match-day thread


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2 minutes ago, CiderHider said:

Love our womans team OFC, but..  Iife is too short to waste 90 mins watching such garbage, and I'm being kind with garbage, very kind.

Then don't watch it. About 1m people watched the womens game on Sunday on TV. That's good. Especially when womens football was banned for 50 years.

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2 minutes ago, ollywhyte said:

When I was 16 my distinctively average U18s football team beat Plymouth Argyle Woman’s team 18-0. Have always based my opinion on the standard on that.



Just had a quick Google:

FC Dallas U15’s 5-2 USA women 

Salford Academy Boys 9-0 Man Utd women 


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13 minutes ago, Northern Red said:

It's interesting that people wait for the first genuinely rubbish half to proclaim that they see no improvement this season, ignoring the games that clearly have been.

Think people just want to see a home win to be honest mate. It shouldn’t be a rare event really 

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5 minutes ago, Fordy62 said:

Is it taking off?

I kinda feel like the BBC are attempting to force it on me with their coverage on the website. 

Well it is obviously taking off, as everytime i go on the football websites, it is about the latest transfer or match featuring the latest greatest women footballers?   However It is still not a great product if u like your football to be exciting?  Ha!                

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