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Hughton Sacked


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6 hours ago, Hampshire reds said:

Clubs dont seem to want Chris Wilder. Done a good job at Sheffield United. seems strange.


6 hours ago, Major Isewater said:

Maybe they do but the issue lies with Wilder himself ? 

Perhaps he’s holding out for another Prem job or his wage demands post COVID-19 are too high? 

More likely he’s waiting for Jailbird Joey to get the heave ho so he can manage the Barcelone of the fourth division ! 

Suspect one problem might be that Wilder had a £4m “payoff” which might actually mean they didn’t pay him off but are still paying his wages…until someone wants him and will need to buy him out of his contract. Paying off £4m is not good for FFP. 

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On 16/09/2021 at 09:17, Super said:

I don't think he is a bad manager but Forest is a mess of a club and i think anyone would struggle there.

Certainly a lot of truth in this.  Of course he's an absolute legend at Brighton, but Forest like Newcastle is a poisoned chalice at the moment.  His first 6 months were ok, where he steadied their ship and kept them up. 

Their big problem was their recruitment over the summer - it was a shambles.  I'll explain:  a key criticism of Hughton is that he is too defensive - insist on protecting slim leads, play one up top against the best sides etc, but that isn't actually fair.  It's just that he is a pragmatist.  Give him the tools to assemble an attacking side and that's what you get.  What I think happened at Forest is that they watched 6 months of necessary but pragmatic, dreary football to ensure safety, and as a consequence the chairman was unconvinced about loosening the purse strings.  So the summer has seen 4 players promoted from their U23s, all of whom have been crap/underwhelming, and hardly anyone decent has come in. 

The result was more pragmatic boring crap football.



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