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Queens Park Rangers away match-day thread


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1st half summary:

Shape not right w/o the ball, need to all shift 10 yards further right....everything is down QPR's left, and too easy.  They've put several good crosses in from 20-25 yards out.  The couple of occasions Kalas has allowed Tanner to go tight to McCallum and then tracked Dykes / Gray himself, we've forced good, high turnovers.

James having to move too far from Bakinson, 

We've looked good on the break, Massengo outstanding.  No assist (gets a second / hockey assist)....cool from Weimann.

Just need a bit more patience on the ball.

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16 minutes ago, magunn said:

HNM will play on the premier league, though I doubt it'll be with us. Absolute quality and getting better. 

Now LJ has stopped training him to be like Lee, NP has got the lad going

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Just now, Ecko said:

Tongue in cheek. I'm not sure if it was tactical or injury 

Would be surprised if it's tactical. Though I've never been that keen on Baker in a back 3, he did okay first half I thought.

Probably another Baker coming off before a second half in a game and will be fine for next match. Apologies to Bakes if that's not the case! 

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1 minute ago, fishy said:

I so hope we don't sell him in Jan unless it's for an absolute fortune. 

Almost the best time to sell him, could ask for silly money. Although I suspect unless you are backed by Russians, Arabs or US syndicates the silly money days are over for a while. I’d love him to stay for a couple of years and grow with Pearson’s team.

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