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Queens Park Rangers away match-day thread

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Just now, The Original OTIB said:

You expect Massengo wide right?

yes, to stop McCallum, or at least support Tanner.  But just me guessing.  Think its a big game to:

1) bring in a debutant AND

2) expect him to do in a system that they don't play

But thats just me trying to second guess.

Just now, Gazred said:

Try Windscribe, it's free, never let me down.


nor me

using it atm

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1 minute ago, The Original OTIB said:

Simply can't see him relying on James and Bakinson down the middle.

I think both Pring and Massengo can come narrow and make it a three.

QPR look like they've got 532....certainly two up top and both Willock and Chair.  Johansen has a lot responsibility today as the sole conventional midfielder.

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41 minutes ago, Silvio Dante said:

I’d assume King isn’t fully fit. He’s very much NPs fallback option.

Vyner and Scott were advised as both tactical changes Weds so I’m going for them being dropped. 

One thing is sure - Tanner has a real opportunity to make the RB spot his own

Yes,,a big opportunity for Tanner..

QPR like to get it wide with pace..

Hope he settles to the task but could be 'baptismal fire...

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