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Wolves launch own record label

Silvio Dante

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Fair play to them actually, about time football clubs started to support their local communities like this, but I would be cautious about being tied to a commercial entity, which essentially is what football teams are nowadays, and with that comes limitations. Can you imagine them putting out a grime/drill/Hip-Hop 12" with cursing etc, probably not.

See that SX is involved, so no lightweight movers. He produced what could arguably be named as one of top grime tracks in the history of the genre with Woo Riddim, later to be known as Bad to the Bone by D Double.

Probably not football related, so this could do with being moved tbh, sorry to the original poster.

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If they signed successful acts, would that mean any income/profit they make that be counted for by the football club and be an allowable income stream towards FFP?

Could be a clever move if they can and get people singed up that make mega money on touring.

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1 hour ago, Moments of Pleasure said:

If City was a record label, which record label would we be?

Duff Rough Trade?


Beggar's Banquet?

Or, perhaps, one closer to home that no-one's heard of and no-one can name any of their acts or big hits: Sarah Records.



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