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Carabao Cup stuff.


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Just saw the tail end of the highlights program, interesting.

Fulham Vs Leeds;
Joe Bryan's Pen , has it come down yet?
Bobby D'Reid top Pen
Alfie Mawson getting a game.

QPR Vs Everton
Ref making a Pen be re taken for the keeper being 6" off his line?
Best bit of the evening. Mis-hit corner and QPR fans give abuse, only for it to lead to a goal and the Everton player to give them the w@anker sign.

Man U Vs WHU
You can't not enjoy Man U losing

Even allowing for changes and Oldham seeming to be in trouble and struggling, 7-0 at Brentford stands out. (Forse with 4)
Rodriguez getting for for Burnley Vs Rochdale.

Brighton & Swansea taking it seriously, 20 changes between them.

A couple of interesting ties in the next round, but with 5 of the 8 ties all Prem affairs, I don't think I'll bother. Unless there's a shock and they show PNE Vs L'pool or Stoke Vs Brentford. I'm really bored of the same teams every time, although they might struggle as Man U are out, means one of the smaller teams may get a shout, West Hm perhaps :laughcont:

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You can see why there is so much disinterest in the competition - don't get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoyed our run a few years ago, but unless you have some big ties to get some decent gate receipts then besides giving some squad/fringe/younger players game time then it's not really worth it.

I read the other day that the winners only get £100k!  Think the FA Cup winners get something like £5m+

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9 hours ago, WWred said:

Seen as an inconvenience until at least the Quarters, if not the Semis... 


It's a shame for me the Domestic Cup competitions aren't held in a high regard by clubs anymore

Give Champions league place to FA Cup and League Cup winners

Reward a team who wins something Not a team who finish 4TH!!! in the league

Champions League place would make more clubs put out a strong team

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I had a theory a while ago and since the invention of the Europa Conference League it works even more effectively.

Bin the paint pot Okey dokey trophy and tell the Prem teams to take their under 23's elsewhere for kicks 

Drop the Prem teams out of the league cup altogether. They don't give a crap about it until the quarters anyway.

Have the league cup as a competition between the EFL teams. The winner of which gets a spot in the Europa Conference League first qualifying round.

Job's a good 'un

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