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Chants from the past


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3 minutes ago, pongo88 said:

Zigger Zagger was mainly a Chelsea chant from the 60s, but I can remember a City version of Piggy Wiggy. Perhaps it’s just because I’m an old stager, but I’m sure there was more imagination in the past. A lot of imagination nowadays is limited to a choice of which swear words can we use in a dull durge 

Zigger Zagger was also a play (and a TV series and a movie I think) about football hooliganism.

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6 minutes ago, 42nite said:

Na na  nana

Na na nana


Johnny Galley.


(I cant remember the name of the tune or the group that sang it... anybody remember?)


Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye originally by Steam in the late 60s. The most well known version in the UK was the one by Bananarama.

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30 minutes ago, Sleepy1968 said:

You've just triggered a memory, Fevs! I remember all the paper talk being about TT before the game. I've got a memory that it was basically end to end stuff. Lot of Plymouth fans. Proper old school boxing day affair. Was there a pen involved?

I was in 6th form at the time, but I'd have though you're too young to remember this?

image.thumb.png.cd67c219bf3ca5c864f392fa093da494.pngI was 14….remember piling into the back of my next door neighbour’s van to get there.  Wasn’t with my dad, hence I learned the rude song!

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56 minutes ago, Son of Fred said:

Knees up mother Brown... 

We all loved bouncing up and down to that one - a great song - one of my all time favourites. Another was “he’s here he’s there he’s every ******* where Gerry Gow, Gerry Gow.


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16 minutes ago, Silvio Dante said:

I do have a recollection that after that nice Mr Devon White had been (I think) stabbed with some scissors by his neighbour.

Next time we played them the whole city end sang the “Neighbours” theme tune, and “We love Devons neighbour”…

Also "Devon White, is full of holes, Devon White is full of holes......"

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I was always amused by the ‘horses arse’ chant - usually aimed at one of our own during the Terry Cooper and Joe Jordan days. 
The ‘Adam’s Family’ song always makes me giggle too - the wife tries to sing it and gets all the relations wrong, like ‘your brother is your sister, your uncle is your auntie..’ actually more amusing than the intended lyrics !!!!

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1 hour ago, ohhhshauntaylor said:

There’s some “old player” chants that I would be all for singing even now. 
Super Scott usually sung @ away games- no reason this can’t be one sung during the game or at home IMO  


we had the HNM one yesterday despite him being in the squad, so actually no reason why we can’t just bring back some older ones to keep the atmosphere going. 

I like the “here’s to you Robert Atkinson” song, that one needs some more airtime! 

Always loved the effort put into the song we had for Norman Hunter to the tune of Amazing Grace . Literally contained one word repeated 14 times “ Norman “ 😂😂

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