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Fly high fellow red


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2 hours ago, burhou said:

There's only one Taunton John Jensen and I have known and been friends with him for at least 50 years. We went to school together in the 70's and started following City early in that decade. There was a good crew of us used to come up from Taunton and always met up with Bridgwater lads  on the train for most of the the home games and some away. I went less as I got older but John kept going and I lost touch with him for awhile. We reconnected when he came to work at the Argos warehouse near Bridgwater. He told me about all the interesting trips he had had supporting City home and away. He has battled cancer for three years and through all that time I had to admire his bravery and good spirits. John my friend, I will miss you and hope you can influence a few games for City from up there.

I also worked there and that's where I met John. We worked on the same shift and we spent many days talking City, him telling me about the home and away trips you went on. Good Times. He will definitely be missed.

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16 hours ago, Busterrimes said:

RIP fellow Red. Having just got the news my cancer could have me before Christmas I am am totally sympathetic.


All the best with your fight. 

Lots of people do beat the prognosis.  My best mate was given 3-6 months with stage 4 bowel cancer and lived for 10 years. Got to see his kids grow up and go to uni. 

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