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3 hours ago, Mike Hunt-Hertz said:

A tiny arousal?

Ummm no, quite impressive apparently! And I think you may have the wrong end of the stick so to speak. :)

Another story comes to mind, about Kevin Mabbutt.

It's a friend of friend story, but people of my generation will remember the Lotus that he drove with Striker written on the side, all part of the publicity campaign his dad dreamt up. So one of the Supporters Club members was always laughing about how Mabbs would get his conquests to sign their name on the parcel shelf in the rear of the car.

He loved telling everyone this story, until the day he found his daughters signature in a prominent place. :)

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Tommy Doc was a bit of a "lad" by all accounts, used to get about with a couple of non-league footballers I knew. I;m sure that's not really news to anyone though!

Not City but Wes Foderingham was a pest when at Swindon. Used to message any randomer he found on Facebook and his first line was always along the lines of "I'm a pro footballer, fancy going for a drink"

My friend simply replied "Sorry, never heard of you" and he got abusive

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14 hours ago, Marina's Rolls Royce said:

the chief- generally athletic.

Tranmere, wet midwinter Tuesday, few there.

We're staying over in The Pool. After hours finding ourselves in some small, off the beaten track club. DugOut type place, deep underground, accessed by a steep and darkened staircase. Lots of young ladies suffering a fabric shortage. 

After midnight there's a clatter of feet coming down the stairs and lo and behold, it's The Chief (plus half the youth squad he was supposed to be mentoring.) "Chief, " we cry. "Oh Shit!" he responds, then when realising we're City comes over and asks for us to keep his presence secret, he's not supposed to be out, certainly not with his charges. The rest, well like moths to a flame and as mentor he showed those young lads a thing or two. Bloke's a sinister magnet.

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3 hours ago, southside said:

I remember the Alan Dicks, Les Wilson thing from 72


I'm saying nowt, but you might indeed be correct ;)

There was also the ex-player working for the club who turned out to have two separate families, both unaware of the other's existence.

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I heard a very strong rumour that around 1990 when a certain pacy winger of ours left the club, slightly unexpectedly, to sign for another west country outfit it was because a teammate, a defender signed from a big Merseyside club, was having an affair with the winger's wife.

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11 hours ago, Oh Louie louie said:

Used to be 3 women, used to go to every away games with the cats in the 80s.

They were salt of the earth.

They deffo had a thing for glyn riley.

Glyn had been out the door 5 minutes, and i noticed they had become fond of chatting to robbie turner


We used to call them the Gruesome Threesome !  One of them is my Mrs best mate !

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On 04/10/2021 at 18:05, 22A said:

My Mum reckons that Harry Dolman could have taught Bill Clinton a trick or two about women as he was very much "a ladies man".



I never asked how she knew this.

Talking of HD, there were allegations about a spring heeled centre forward circa 67 who didn't stay long   ?

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14 hours ago, Oh Louie louie said:

Somebody bloke called robbie a carthorse at huddersfield one day.

The threesome turned around as one, and tore a strip off him!

He didnt no where to look!

I think we had andy jones up front with him that day.

I genuinely remember that incident and game! It was at their dear old Leeds Road ground - a proper football stadium, we lost 2-1 I think - around Christmas time in the late ‘80s, possibly 1989? Jones went round their keeper and missed an open goal ... Turner did seem to get some stick that game ...

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I was dating someone years ago and prior to me getting with her she told me that she had been intimately involved with a City player. 

I was at her house one night and the City player phoned her but she said she was seeing someone else now. 

Years later I was sat in work talking about it and mentioned the City player in question only for a work colleague to mention that he was her mum’s bloke and had been at the time he was knocking off the girl I was with.

Needless to say my reminiscing went down like a shit sandwich 🤣

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