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Billy Woof

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This would be useful when we're a goal down just before added time:


Our very own real life midfield pairing of Matty Bryant and Andy May from the early 90s.

(I think I heard this coincidence in TV commentary, I wasn't sharp enough to pick up on it by myself)

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16 hours ago, bcfc01 said:

Particular favourites;

Andre Muff - ex Swiss international

Ralph Minge - ex east German international

Rod Fanni - current Marseille and France footballer

There's a trend here....


That's a bit of a curly one bcfc01 :doh:

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5 hours ago, Oh Louie louie said:


There is a biscuit museum near millwalls ground, id love to go there.

Has anybody been?


No but I've heard of people going with packets of Rennie's Antacids. They have a digestive problem.

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2 hours ago, EstoniaTallinnRed said:

And Sky Sports had the nerve to show the whole of the playoff final yesterday again.

I know! I turned on the TV and was scrolling through the channels, saw Football League Gold, so turned it on just as Windass’ goal flew into the net. Before I’ve never been able to watch any replays of the match, but I decided to continue watching. It was as awful. City had so much of the play in the second half, and so many chances,  I couldn’t believe we didn’t at least equalise. So close and yet so far for Gary Johnson to share a post match bottle of a good red wine with Alex Ferguson the following season 

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