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Player-to-coach scheme


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It's not a bad idea, in reality you're probably only going to be putting in players who are really at the end of their regular playing days (at first team level anyway).

Having the experienced head at the centre of your team could help bring on these younger players so much, especially the likes of Simpson/King who have played at the higher level as well.

Can see why some may have concerns initially though. 

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35 minutes ago, tin said:

Interesting article, this

Perhaps a role Danny Simpson, then possibly Andy King could play for our U23s in future seasons?

I think us using this sort of scheme would have a double benefit in helping to bring through the youngsters and creating a pathway for coaches.

Saw an article on Southampton and them using Lankashire a few weeks back.

When you watch an u23s game you see a big difference between the way the game is played.  There is quite a lot of naivety in playing through the lines, when in the reality of a league match you’d go long.  I’ve seen countless chances and goals conceded by “always trying to play out”.  I guess that is why having an experienced defender in your u23s can start to teach them when to play, when not to….and make the youngsters get used to the decision making required in the laughs.

Ultimately it depends on the objectives of your u23s.

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With Tanner's impressive performances recently I've been thinking about his playing future, and was quite pleased to realise Danny Simpson could become something of a mentor to him with his Premier League (winning!) experience. Not fully in the capacity mentioned above though as for now we will need Simpson to come in and play first team minutes a fair few times this season. This also frees up Vyner to cover for the centre halves. 

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The only place I could see it happening for us would be centre back, with Low, Towler and seemingly (Nathaniel) Williams out on loan its leaving a 16 year old to come in and cover (however seemingly doing well enough, credit to him), unless they bring in Zak Bell again who played a string of games last season as a first year scholar. Full backs you've got players, centre mids you've got, wingers you've got and forwards you've got. All you do in positions other than CB is deny game time to younger players still developing.

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