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Beyond the obvious of helping family, I'd probably look to help out sports clubs, all the ones I've played for definitely, as an example one club I've played a sport for don't have their own facilities and play at a school, so give enough money for a pitch and clubhouse to be built to help the club develop. Another doesn't have the money to develop facilities and has to spend their money on things which are must do's rather than what they'd like to do to improve experiences for people there. Then branching off from that something which looked to create more sports facilities for communities at a cost where it only just covers costs of maintaining facilities rather than for profit.

This might sound harsh, but as much as helping friends would be great when you start helping some then others would probably ask why you didn't help them and can cause more problems then the solution with bitterness between people starting.

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I always said I'd build a new school, because the one I work at is old, everything needs replacing, and it's badly designed. One condition though would be that certain people would have to go as well, because they're useless, lazy, and would ruin the new place.

Standard stuff as said before really, family, homes, cars, and make sure my son was set for life. 

First thing I'd do, I have to be honest is hand my keys in at work, and tell them to get cover sorted because I'm off!!

I'd also buy a City shirt for every under 16 in Bristol. That would really get on the nerves of the dozen or so bitter deluded sags still around 😁

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18 hours ago, OneTeamInBristol said:

I'm surprised no one has suggested yet that they would buy the Gas for a bit of fun.

Run the club terribly, pump no money into it but take everything you could out, relegate them back to non-league, buy out Millets to install some new tents at the Mem. 

You could have all that fun and still have £183.7 million left in the bank. 

id buy hms piss the league, (and a lifeboat for me,to be donated later to rnli)   sail it out to the mid atlantic and blow a gert hole in the bottom of it.


then id sanitise the mem and turn it into a recycling centre. ( i wouldnt need planning to turn a dump into a dump)

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