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AFC Bournemouth at home match day thread


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6 minutes ago, Redrascal2 said:

Love to find out how Pearson has spent "a fair amount of money on the team today". Perhaps you could explain. And realising that a team relegated last year from the Prem with parachute payments are at a massive advantage compared to our team is being realistic and  not making excuses.

I genuinely think that parachute payments are slowly killing the competitiveness of the championship, this lot could buy anyone in the league and still have change, I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s not a Prem 2 in the next 5 years…

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29 minutes ago, ProfitInMyPocket said:

FFP this, FFP that, four of their starting players are from their academy.

They've only got four players who were bought for big substantial money in Solanke, Billing, Christie and Kelly which is fair enough.

Lowe, Stacey were bought for not too expensive fees and Cahill was a free. 

These lot are missing loads of players and I think we have played teams who have spent much more and played much better.

Our team just are not much of a threat going forward and porous defensively.

If they had all their big earners playing I'd say the same but they don't; No Pearson, Brookes (obvious reasons), Cook, Smith, Mepham or Stanislas starting.

We can't make those excuses when we ourselves have spent a fair amount of money on this eleven and are playing this poorly consistently at home.

It’s what you get when you have had poor to average managers(incoming don’t you know we beat man United in the cup) and has left us with a good manager but average players 

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Just now, pillred said:

It is and I can't believe the number on here making up excuses for it.

And what would you do differently given the resources we have right now? not looking for an argument, but interested get a detailed different view, therefore get rid of the manager is not a good enough answer, get rid and replace by who??

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Just now, Kodjias Wrist said:

What are we supposed to do sack him then yeah ? After losing to top of the league ? Get some perspective ffs .

Let's just forget about the other 15 games at home where we haven't won either shall we? it's not just about today.

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