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Family Section at Away Games - or better way to allocate tickets

Sandhurst Red


Hi Jerry - I hope you may be able to supply this suggestion to the club please. I actually saw you as we left the game yesterday as you were walking back up the hill from the away buses, as we left about 10 minutes early but felt it would be better to write on here.

My main suggestion is around the provision for families at away games and my question is in 2 part.

1. Smarter Seat Selection
Despite buying my tickets for my son and I on the first day of sale with ST, we ended up with seats in row XX - the back row. Whatever ground you are at, and in particular away games, you know that people are going to go and stand there etc. and so was a completely unrealistic place to watch the game from. With it being sold out, we had to chance by sitting in other seats, and thankfully were not asked to move. Where people sit/don't sit at away games is always a tricky issue - but with any child ticket, can more thought be considered on where the seat is, before it being allocated?

2. Creation of a family safe area at away games. 
Despite avoiding the back of the ground, our chosen section of being to the far right of the stand and near the front also ended up not being the best of choices. For whatever reason, this area seemed to attract a large group of individuals who just showed little care or compassion for children around them. You know what you will encounter at football, but this was on another level. Despite asking a steward to perhaps intervene, he just shrugged his shoulders and said it wasn't his concern. Quite frankly hilarious. Witnessing numerous families with children looking visibly scared and in tears, meaning they had to leave early is simply not acceptable. This is not the first time I have witnessed this either - both Reading away and Fulham away have seen similar incidents over the last 4 years or so.

With this in mind, can a certain amount of tickets be allocated to create a family area for any away game - meaning families can enjoy an away game, and not be put-off attending due to the selfish actions of other so-called Bristol City supporters?

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Thanks for the message, great content.  I've got a meeting this Thursday at the HPC with our club secretary and Richard Gould and will bring this subject up.  Can't disagree with you on your points tbh but will mention that for all our away games are we have to follow the home clubs sales guide.  eg for WBA they sent us 6 blocks of tickets each was marked sell 1st, Sell 2nd etc and each block had to be sold from the back to the front so if you bought early you would be at the back.


Saying that we were always going to sell out and those sort of instructions would be more relevant if it wasn't going to be an away sell out.  I know my predecessor Matt Parsons was very keen on some of your ideas but didn't get anywhere with his suggestions.  I'll see what Richard & Sophie think this week and feed back to you anything constructive we can come up with.


Cheers Jerry

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