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Barnsley at home match day thread

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Oh dear; it's wrist slitting time at Barnsley. (Some of their comments are sooooo similar to ones that occasionally appear on here).


At the rate we're going I'm not going to bother renewing next season. If I want to watch footy on a Saturday I will probably just walk down to watch Wombwell Town such is my complete apathy towards my beloved Reds. Never felt like this in nearly nearly 35 years of following Barnsley.

Hopefully Barnsley, under new owners. Maybe Bradford Park Avenue if I go back to grass roots.

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As pleased as I was with our victory, the fact Barnsley fans are so unhappy with their lot really puts that performance in perspective. I can stomach being taken apart by Bournemouth and WBA but not dominated by Barnsley at home, and for periods yesterday that’s exactly what happened.

Pearson needs to sort this shower out double quick because we may have ended that embarrassing winless run but turned the corner we have not.

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1 hour ago, Red-Robbo said:

I must go on holiday more often.

Clearly we'll win the f-ing league if I'm not there!   :rofl2br:


On 30/10/2021 at 09:42, exAtyeoMax said:

Gutted to be missing this today, I’ll be listening in on the NX040 on the M4. Off to see Bauhaus at Ally Pally…She’s in Parties…


On 30/10/2021 at 12:42, Davefevs said:

Nor me.  Was meant to be in Cornwall anyway, but been ill…so Mrs Fevs has quarantined me to upstairs…with iPad, Mac and sky sports.  God, the brownie points are mounting!

 so come on then,cant all be jinxes, own up,who is it??😆   or if anyone couldnt wear their lucky pants,burn the ruddy things

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