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Birmingham City away match day thread

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1 minute ago, ExiledAjax said:

Suspect both would try and sell it as a 3412, but it's two sides of the same coin.

As I said earlier. I predict a lot of long balls as both teams that and bypass midfield.

With them playing Bela over Pederson (injured?) I suspect they fancy Bela to have a go at Tanner.  In fairness to Nige if we have gone back 3 / WBs it it’s a good match up with Brum playing Graham and Bela.

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8 minutes ago, robin_unreliant said:

Can only imagine there is a concern about HNM's fitness. He was out for a bit after all. Can see no other reason for him being benched after saturday. 

Agree.. I was surprised he played at WBA and he has played poorly against them and Barnsley so I am assuming he was either bought back before being fit or is rusty and needs more time in training to be truly match fit


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7 minutes ago, old_eastender said:

If it is that leaves James & Bakinson in a midfield 2, which I think would be a disaster.

Out of interest, why? Is that a reflection of the personnel themselves or that’s it’s just two?

With Brum playing a 5212, it could be a direct match up.  How do you rate James, Bakinson, Weimann versus Gardner, Sunjic and McGree?

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