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Time to act

Clevedon Red

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I’ve tried to be balanced with Pearson….thought he was the right man/right type of man to bring in and yes, give him time to build from the bottom up. 

However, our record since he has been here is poor and I have said all along, with this poor squad, the least you want is to be organised and hard to beat…..he is not achieving that.

He has never been an innovative coach and at his age and what appears to be an unfortunate health situation, maybe its the time, early in the season, to consider the situation.?

Does he have the fight to drag this pretty awful squad of players away from what at the moment looks like a relegation fight? This squad doesn’t seem to have the backbone for it

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As i feared The fanbase is starting to turn now, the patience shown with Pearson has been admirable by us all IMO but as the poster above me has rightly said we should at least be gritty and difficult to beat and we aren’t even that.

Not sure what the answer is but we need to do something.

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14 minutes ago, Bar BS3 said:

Even more reason to try & help them with some sort of game plan then..! 

We are an embarrassing shambles and that is NP's fault. 

We’ve had no game plan for the last three seasons so it’s not all down to NP. I totally agree with you though being an embarrassing shambles

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