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John Pender

Bristol Rob

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33 minutes ago, Glen hump said:

Really sad news, always remember him for the og he scored against forest in the league cup semi final .

I was there - as it was at the Trent End did not get a good view of it. It was a 'no blame' OG if I remember - just a bit unlucky (as we were in the second leg). I think its 'partly' on youtube as I'm not sure it was entirely captured by the cameras.

Best wishes to JP and family.

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Really one of the most cruel diseases out there. 

There is some hope however that treatments to significantly lessen the condition's progress or even reverse it, might be on the horizon:


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2 hours ago, GrahamC said:

Certainly wasn’t, about 6ft 1.

Yes, you can sees he's taller than the three officials and the Brentford player in the photo. I was also at Forest for that first leg and can still see the ball trickling in off John. Not his fault though. An old work colleague of mine had a son in law who suffered with MN and used to take him to Ashton Gate in his wheelchair. Awful disease as others have said. Best wishes to John and his family ❤

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Awful news, it’s an horrible disease, good luck JP - always gave everything to the City cause - I remember when we lost away at The Shots, the City fans were none too forgiving - giving our players honest and open feedback at the final whistle(😳) - yet John Pender fronted it out and came over to the away fans to applaud our efforts - he was pretty much the only player who did that - proper geezer, hard footballer ... best wishes to him and his family 

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Hi everyone,

My name is Lauren Pender and I am John's daughter. It is really touching to read all your messages, which I have shared with my father. 

The reason my father decided to make his diagnosis known to the public was to seek assistance with his now healthcare needs. In case any of you would be so kind as to contribute to the same, I am copying the just-giving page, which we have set up. Any and all donations are of course welcomed. 


Many thanks, 


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