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Scott and Benarous

Globe Trotter

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Just now, Littlesh*t said:

They are both clearly classy players but what impressed me more than anything was the time wasting, tackles and general winding up of there players which I didn't expect from 2 young lads 

Benarous is a complete pain in the arse and I am loving every second of it!

Won't be the last time he gets someone sent off I am sure.

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Proud to support a club who actually let's them play. Perhaps brought about by circumstances, but still credit to the club for trusting them.

A lot of clubs talk the talk about their youth academies but rarely do you actually see players given a decent chance.

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5 minutes ago, Globe Trotter said:

Fantastic performance both. I genuinely think their courage and fearlessness in the midst of the battering we were getting at the start helped them more senior players grow in confidence.

100% effort and plenty of skill , Top job! 

Benarous showing other ‘flair’ players how to put a shift in and show commitment. 

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Both played well. But Benarous in particular impresses me. A real swagger, a confidence in his ability on the ball, happy to hand out some stick, ball manipulation in tight areas, has time on the ball & knows how to draw a foul when we needed a breather. Really impressed & I have high hopes for him in particular. COYR 

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1 minute ago, ciderwithtommy said:

Benarous showing exactly what we have missed for 18months. Ability to keep the ball in tight spaces, and a desire to be a winner at all costs. Unreal it’s taken a 18 y/o to show our older lads how’s its done, but there you go! 

He certainly has form for being able to keep the ball - granted this is from 5 years ago so only 12 or 13, but you can see his talent on the ball.


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Been convinced for years that Benarous would leave us for a bigger team before we ever saw him in the first team. Absolutely delighted that’s not the case. 

Him & Scott putting in performances like that for 99 minutes at this level is outstanding 

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I said bring off Benarous on about 70. Haha how wrong was I!

Benarous and Scott looked our most calm, experienced players at the end. They got better and better the longer they were on the pitch.

In the last 10-20 they only smashed it long if there was no other way of playing football. The first thought was not to panic.

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