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Sheffield United away match day thread

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1 minute ago, 054123 said:

I never expected anything from this game. It makes Kalas’ **** up against Blackburn more prominent. A 6 point return would have been good.

We can still nick a point. Need to get some shots on goal on the skiddy surface. Doesn't matter how well we play.

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Just now, IAmNick said:

His arms being held up in that weird position is a well known sign of being knocked out and could well be a concussion (and is sometimes a sign of something much worse https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fencing_response) so wouldn't surprise me

I wasn’t blaming them, you could see that it was serious. If they did then that’s a good thing. 

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1 minute ago, And Its Smith said:

Don’t forget the shocking pass accuracy every game. 62% today which is roughly what it is every game .  Opposition is always 75%+

Probably because we have no shape or game plan - nobody knows where anyone is supposed to be. 

It's atrocious - even when we do grind out very fortunate wins. 

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1 minute ago, RedorDead BCFC said:

I wasn’t blaming them, you could see that it was serious. If they did then that’s a good thing. 

Yeah sorry wasn't implying you were blaming them!

Just pointing out that the arms involuntarily held up like that will cause an instant response to anyone there. Could be extremely serious

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Just now, maxjak said:

If I could bet on Baker spending more time in the treatment room than the pitch throughout any season.....I would be a rich man?   Seriously what is the point of Baker?  If he hardly ever plays?

Yea how dare he get knocked out, should just walk it off right? Always looking for a way out. Did you read what you posted. You think he goes out there trying to get head injuries??

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