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Sheffield United away match day thread

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2 minutes ago, And Its Smith said:

Given the ball away? The teams pass completion is at 65%. His is at 80%.  He’s ran more anyone and put in more tackles than anyone 

He's been poor, i'm sorry. As was Bakinson. Lost the ball quite a few times 1st half in dangerous areas. Like I said, rate the guy but he has been poor today.

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6 minutes ago, petehinton said:

This is atrocious, even by this season’s standard 

I think that's too negative. We're playing away to a decent team with a load of youngsters in our team. The conditions are awful and the ref has been awful. We've been sloppy and disorganised at times but atrocious is over the top, I think, at only 1-0 down.

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Baker's a total warrior and wish him a quick recovery - but again totally avoidable , and an experienced defender costing team mates with decision-making.

Robins TV had a touchline camera tracking Baker seconds before from Bentley's kick; you could see Baker never once scan the infield play - instead just blindly, and almost backwards, launched into a header telegraphed for injury.

Fingers crossed on a safe recovery and love the guy's passion, but a kamikaze header to go for.

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13 minutes ago, Major Isewater said:

You are right, of course ,although we’ve seen these moments often with the player.I don’t wish him any harm. 

You would think that with all Baker’s experience he would have learned to avoid these types of injury. 
He is too often injured and going off before the match is finished.

He is no good to himself or the club if he is consistently  unavailable .


Which was my point exactly........but apparently unlike your tactful  observation, when I made a similar comment I was shot down in flames?   I must learn how to express myself in a more diplomatic fashion like    u Major?.    

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4 minutes ago, maxjak said:

I did not see the incident...and i apologise if i offended you.  I assumed it was yet another injury in    the long line of ~Baker injuries......which was obviously a mistake.  However I wish him a happy recovery?  Don't you think Worm is a little personal from someone who spends his days bouncing?                            

He was on the deck for ten minutes . That should of told you something. You had a right pop at him but get offended being called a worm 😂

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