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John Sillett R-I-P

Never to the dark side

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Alan Dicks brought him here in the late 60s, around the time Tony Collins was appointed as assistant manager. Dicks and Sillett had been at Chelsea at the same time in the 50s then Coventry.

Sillett was brought in to coach our Youth team, producing Gow, Ritchie, Collier, Rodgers and so on - a team that did very well in the FA Youth Cup for a while, getting to semis and finals.

When Tony Collins left for Leeds United in the early 70s, Sillett moved up to assistant manager. A lot of the young uns he'd coached were now in the first team and that's why Sillett is in the photos of the FA Cup win at Leeds in 1974. He left not long after this to become a manager himself. 

The Definitive History of Leeds United - 19 February 1974 - Leeds United 0  Bristol City 1 


Most of the young local boys and young Scots who combined to form the heart of our best ever team were coached and brought through by John Sillett. His fingerprints are all over the team that returned us to the top flight of English football in 1976. 

RIP Mr Sillett and thank you.

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How odd.  I was just thinking that Alan Dicks and John Sillett could probably do a better job than the current shower even in their 80s, so I looked him up and unwittingly stumbled across the sad news.  I think John should be credited for even more of our success in the 70s than Alan TBH, though there can be no denying how much they achieved with us.

RIP John, I will forever be grateful for what you did whilst you were with the City.

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Far too young to remember him with us but the Coventry cup win sticks with me as one of my earliest vivid memories of football and how much ‘cup final day’ meant as a young ‘un!  He was great on the recent Jimmy Greaves doc - they were great mates and Greaves came up with his ‘Snoz’ nickname.  RIP. 

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