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AG3 post match 4/12/21



Hi Gerry

The AG3 failed to stop in the centre despite many requests to do so. He finally stopped at the Haymarket outside the Bristol Fashion.

I asked him why he didn’t stop at the centre, saying that it said on the front of the bus “AG3 Centre” and it stopped there the previous home game. He was a bit sarky, saying “no it doesn’t, it says Ashton Gate” 🙄 and was adamant that he should only stop at the Haymarket 🙄. He then thrust the route details up against the plastic barrier expecting me to read them 🙄

Can you confirm that the AG3 should stop in the centre please? 
I know it’s not the end of the world but it could have inconvenienced less able passengers or those being met in the centre, especially at night when they’d have to walk all the way back, possibly on their own. 
Thanks 🙂


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