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Crusty Demons


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Can't say I am surprised, even before the Cost of Living Crisis. It's good that the stadium is being made available for a bigger variety of other attractions, but this one seems to have fallen on stony ground.

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On 17/12/2021 at 21:38, RedM said:

Ouch, those prices. But I guess if it's your thing you will pay, apparently it's their only UK show.

Watched the a few years ago in Darwin. Fantastic show. it is not like the evil kineavle crap. The crusty demons do things on motor bikes you would not beleive (hope that does not promote some lucid thoughts in some of your minds ) 

They fly through the air off of a ramp on motor bikes and undertake some mind boggeling tricks. They fly through the air off of their bikes do some some somersaults while the bike is still flying just in front of them in the air and then land on the bike. 

They are amazing and well worth watching.

I remember the next day seeing them at Darwin airport Qantas lounge and all of them had some kind of evidence of surgery and bent legs where they have fell off of their motor bikes.

It is a very American production with loud music and they give plenty of crusty demons stuff out too kids.

If you can afford it go and see them




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