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Huddersfield Town at home match day thread


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Just now, headhunter said:

OK, so we won't be signing a striker in January who will challenge him?

I think it's unlikely we can afford a striker but I think we can conclude that Martin is among his favourites whatever he does.

Though our defending is so dreadful I'm not even sure a striker is the short term priority any more. With Baker's welfare a real concern, Atkinson regressing and Vyner just not good enough I think we have a real dilemma.



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There actually not a lot between the sides today if we hadn't had are heads still in the dressing room for the first 10 mins after half time then a draw would have been fair, this inability to play for the full 90 minutes is really starting to get frustrating, it's going to keep costing us 

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13 minutes ago, bexhill reds said:

Perhaps a bit unfair, we were ok in the first half, arguably quite comfortable at times. Shit defending left us on the back foot.

Respect your opinion. I thought, other than our early goal, we were outplayed in the first half having less possession and consistently giving the ball away, playing backwards or playing ridiculously hopeful balls to an isolated player. Agree our defending didn’t help! 

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6 minutes ago, HappyClapper said:

 Lots of knee jerk bed wetting on here as usual. There were a number of bright spots today. Go in at ht 1-1 no doubt Huddersfield deserved to be level. Quick goal after half time looked offside, Scott got caught out. Semenyo hits the post, they go down the other end and score with the help of a lucky deflection on the cross. We show some character and throw everything at them and get a deserved goal back but too late. 
Obviously some defensive errors but lots to be encouraged by. Semenyo probably had his best game in a city shirt. Benarous trying to drag us back into it at the end. Massengo with a committed all action performance.

Lots more attacking intent today. Obviously need to tighten up and no doubt that will be a frustration to Pearson and the coaching team as much as to anyone else.

No one wins every game, especially not us, but I think there was lots to build on in that performance.



Stop that right this minute..........we won't stand for sensible insightful assessments around here,  thankyou.

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6 minutes ago, Curr Avon said:

I don't want to hear your pathetic excuses for your actions today.

Anyone who throws bottles towards players deserve to be banned for life.

The club has worked hard to accommodate supporters in Section 82, who create a terrific atmosphere. You've ruined it for them and our club.

Don't come back. Ever.

Well said.

There can be no excuse. Brain dead morons.

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4 minutes ago, Tin Soldier said:

Thought we played OK today. Some good positives within the team. There will be plenty more disappointments as far as results go but we are a rebuilding project this season. There will be plenty more pissed off City fans on here until the end of the season. Get used to it.

I've said it before, but this is the thing that always bugs me. People who claim to understand that we're trying to rebuild, that it takes time and how they'll accept a finish somewhere reasonably clear of relegation.

Yet at the same time they evidently can't deal with the fact that those circumstances will involve us losing a fair number of games, some of them convincingly and with poor performances, judging by how every defeat is met with screams for the manager's head, player X to never play again, the owner to sell up etc.

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24 minutes ago, frenchred said:

Do explain how we are better?

I’ll start, since Semenyo has come back from injury we are a goal threat. We created enough to win that game today. We are also seeing more of the ball. Defensively we were poor and I think Nige went hung ho with the wing backs. He needs to find a way to tighten up defensively and create the same chances. Stick the best player at the club in midfield today and we win that game.

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13 minutes ago, sh1t_ref_again said:

No scapegoat? It's not his error for the goal but gets blamed for it by some who already has his name typed waiting to have a pop.

Gave away a silly pen (again) and caught out for the second goal by being out of position. God knows what happened to him over the summer but he needs a rocket up the arse

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10 minutes ago, bexhill reds said:

Yep how many times does he get caught on the wrong side of his man… you can get away with that in L1 or Scottish pub football, but not in the Championship

Spot on. Some turn a blind eye to his obvious failings, possibly because he’s come through the academy. But, as NP says, defenders are in the side to defend and he doesn’t have the foggiest idea about even the basics IMO. 

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