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Merry Xmas

Slippin cider

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6 hours ago, oldstandrobin said:

Dont know what the attraction of Oz is, sat here in the garden, rain coming in hard from the South West, wind blustery. fog on Brent Knoll, my barbecue keeps going out, and my sausages are soaked. Watching City for 60 plus years does this to your mind. Would I swop, you bet I would 😁 Merry Xmas to anyone on this planet who supports City, especially our Oz friends.🦘

Wait until you've wasted all your money and spare time for more than seventy years! Enjoy your Christmas. That is until 17.00 on Boxing Day.

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1 hour ago, 1960maaan said:

Supposed to be in Essex, supping copious amounts of Red Stripe with the inlaws. Sadly,  awaiting a PCR test before we can set out. That said, been hoovering up my stray bottles of Cider and eating pizza, so not all bad.

Merry Christmas one and all, here's to a happy, healthy and successful New Year.


Just got my PCR test confirmed as positive at 22.00 on xmas eve.......jigsaw puzzle started I just don't have the words to express how much I like this post!

Just now, gl2 said:

Just got my PCR test confirmed as positive at 22.00 on xmas eve.......jigsaw puzzle started


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Absolutely off my rocker at present. Merry Christmas all you foul OTIB degenerates, and have a particularly merry new year. Drink lots, have fun, disregard everyone's thoughts.

Be good to one another.

Have a beautiful Xmas from the horrible shithole that is Southampton, St Mary's,


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Merry Christmas from BS3. It’s not exactly exotic but I’m a 2 minute walk to AG so there we go. 

There’s  been an awful lot of division these past couple of years on here, with Brexit, politics in general and the Pandemic really dividing opinion and creating a lot of discord amongst us. We’re all, ultimately, after the same thing. 

I’d love to see less anger, more understanding and generally a nicer way of disagreeing with each other on here. 

We can hope, yeah . . . 

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merry christmas everybody, its the time of year when everything is water under the bridge,  hope everything you needed you got, carrot and swede mash let me down but i made up for it with an extra tub of roses chocolates. thankyou budgens, made my mrs happy last night. i did get the chocolates early in november but they mysteriously vanished

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12 minutes ago, oldstandrobin said:

Congratulations. His journey has just begun. May he have continued health all his long and rewarding life and enjoy watching his new team in a few years time.

I think your lovely sentiments fell over shortly after mentioning rewarding life and new team.

Shall we agree that 'character building' might be more realistic?

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