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Queens Park Rangers at home match day thread

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14 minutes ago, westonred said:

Martins is dropped and still Wells doesn't get a start he must be off in Jan

Martin* and it could just mean Wells isn’t rated, as per the rest of the season

2 minutes ago, MC RISK77 said:

Seems as though some on this thread are suggesting we will be selling some of our players in Jan to help balance books- Bentley, massengo from what I can see

Just speculation based on him being on the bench

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13 minutes ago, Garland-sweden said:

Think we will be good tonight. COYR 

One thing I feel very confident about, whatever the final score is..... That we won't be particularly good..! 

Unless Nige found a game plan in his Christmas cracker & we've gone with that - it might help & should be an improvement on where he usually gets them from. 


Again, I've not bothered tonight (which saddens & hurts me to say) for no other reason that I simply can't be arsed to leave the house and travel to sit in a cold, empty stadium, watching a team that's is send out with no game plan or tactics. 

COYR's - please reignite my enthusiasm..! 

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1 minute ago, Wiltshire robin said:

Ok then 

we are just putting out a shit team for the sake of it then 

It does seem an utterly baffling team selection..! 

Arguably 6 of the players on the bench, would strengthen the starting 11 and Martin, who's needed a rest for a couple of months has now been rested, after having a rest...! 

Let's hope that NP has a master plan up his sleeve...! (very much doubt it, based on what he's done/not done since he's been here) 

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