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Millwall at home match day thread

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Just now, The Dolman Pragmatist said:

Really?  No Massengo?  No Atkinson?  Hard to work out what’s going on here…

Assuming Pearson has set a benchmark and won’t play players who don’t hit that benchmark. Could argue that those players would be better to start but maybe he’s going short term pain for long term gain. He’s preferring to give those impressing in training a chance 

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2 minutes ago, The Dolman Pragmatist said:

Really?  No Massengo?  No Atkinson?  Hard to work out what’s going on here…

Almost certainly getting the younger lads involved while he still is able to cover them from the bench. 

Let's be honest, we are looking to move some players out this month to free up wages and hopefully find room for a signing or two. 

If we can't find cover from within the squad in case we can't replace Bentley, HNM etc, it makes our transfer window dealing even more critical.

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We’ve said we’ve wanted the academy to produce for some time. This is a statement. Win or lose, there is some talent in that lineup and whether it’s through necessity or not, it’s great that Pearson is doing this. That lineup in 3 years will be so much better. 

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Just now, Robin101 said:

I obviously wasn’t paying attention in December. Why was Atkinson dropped? I thought he was getting good reviews earlier this season.

He’s been poor for a while in my opinion so I’m not that surprised. Started off well but I think his ability on the ball masks his poor defensive skills

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