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Millwall at home match day thread

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10 hours ago, bexhill reds said:

3 points closer to 50 and that’s the only goal this season as far as I’m concerned.

interesting on how NP handles Towler now, 2 mistakes, 2 goals and then hooked off after 45 mins, should they have kept him playing senior football at Grimsby? Is he allowed back out on loan again, or can a player only play for 2 teams in any one season?

We won't need anything like 50, 45 tops, but yes it will be good to get at least that many points, reckon we will have a half decent last 10 games as this side develops.

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11 hours ago, billywedlock said:

We are going to win this one. Would be great for the reverse melt down on here. A Melt up is it ? 

I said on OSIB WhatsApp group at h-t I could see us scoring, it’s whether we could avoid conceding ourselves.  I didn’t think Millwall were all that first half, and that it was our own sloppy play that cost us the goals.

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11 hours ago, Davefevs said:

Got to say if you don’t like watching the game, just read the MDT…..some great posts over 27 pages.

@And Its Smith - yes, we got the 1 out of 2 wins we wanted…phew!

@Sheltons Army - HNY to you, seen you post a couple of times…hope you’re well.


Thankyou Fevs

Last 18 months has been ***** and ridiculously difficult for you with Joe I can only imagine


btw My apologies to Ian on FBC , I remembered this morning that it wasn’t Atkinson he suggested playing up front......


it was actually Robbie Cundy , which I found ‘interesting’ as he’s a centre half who is nowhere near first team as yet , and who many of us have not seen kick a ball , 

But hey , chuck him up,front ‘He’s 6’3’.      🤣

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Very much enjoyed that game Sunday- quite a few positives though a couple of points of concern too of course.

  1. Weimann hattrick- well deserved, don't get the criticisms he gets on here at times- very important for us.
  2. Massengo- great impact 2nd half. Was that his 1st assist? Key pass for the goal too but he was very good.
  3. The youth- 7 starters at this level, that's pretty exceptional for us.
  4. Atmosphere- 2nd half very good, and I particularly enjoyed the spontaneous mocking of Millwall after the 2nd goal, 3rd goal and on full time!
  5. Knowing that this isn't even necessarily our full strength side/18- we have quality and quantity still to return from injury.
  6. Just real character to win like that- Millwall were a bit depleted but look at their side a lot of Championship experience and Rowett sides can be very hard to break down once they get ahead. Felt a big win for us that.

On the well not negative side, but slight constructive criticism- 7 from our academy starting is great but I question the balance a bit- yes hindsight I know but could Atkinson and Massengo have started? Towler may well come good but it's far too early to say either way and he's got next to no experience at this level. On a similar note, James can't do it all himself- just wonder if James but then Weimann, Semenyo, O'Dowda, Scott and Benarous was quite right- of the young players who regularly feature (not including Towler as his inclusion was a surprise to me) Benarous has talent, he's probably the least ready thusfar.

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