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Millwall at home match day thread

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Just now, Port Said Red said:

We may be getting a view of the future here, we know we have to cut our cloth accordingly, we may as well do it through choice rather than necessity.

I think so, with KP going, NW and HNM a possibility to reduce costs this could well be the way forward 

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Great to see so many youngsters starting, I would like to see them show some senior players how to cause problems for opposing teams, win or loose. Hopefully their energy can get us three points today against a team we usually don't do well against. So Come On You Young Red's!

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1 minute ago, Padlad said:

Hoping for a good performance and result. I'm happy playing the youth as long as we survive the season. if we can get 5-6 academy players with 15-20 games under their belt makes us much stronger next year.

Teams dont survive in this division playing that many academy players! Whilst it may look great to some, i really cannot see us surviving with that lineup. Hoping to be proven extremely wrong of course!

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Every game at the moment is fun trying to read Pearson's mind with these starting 11's!

You can ask why a few aren't playing - could be illness, injury, transfer interest, disciplinary, form. Who knows.

But it does seem clear with NP, if you train hard and well and earn it, any player, young or old or experienced or not, can and will be selected.

I guess this is what they mean when they talk about Pearson and his 'culture' - maintain the standards, you play. Don't, you get dropped whoever you are. 

I like that a lot. 




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Rangnick: Nowadays at the age of 15 or 16 the young players are trained at a high level of performance, both physically and mentally. As a result they have three advantages over older players. Firstly they recover a lot faster from their exertions between games. Secondly their capacity to learn is higher, one of the privileges of youth. Several of today's on-the-pitch styles of play are learned through mental exercises. Older players can also take steps forward in their development as part of a youthful side, the progress is simply more extreme in the case of younger talents. The third point is an unwavering team ethic. The ability to counterattack, the aggression in trying to win the ball and moving as a unit only works when done collectively. The performance both with and against the ball effects the entire team and requires an absolute altruism. Younger players often have a greater predisposition to invest in the team spirit because they're aware that they need it for their personal style of play. Those are the three main advantages of utilising young players, always under the assumption that alongside their talent and education, they are surrounded by a healthy environment. , Marco Reus, Julian Draxler, Mats Hummels, Benedikt Höwedes, the Bender twins, these are all intelligent, well-developed and incredibly talented individuals. They all boast the whole package in terms of their mental, physical and technical strength.

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Brave team, some of it forced by injuries to Williams, King and Baker, maybe Tanner, others because the seniors just are not good enough. IMHO I like it, yes it can go wrong, yes it can be risky, but I am happier supporting something that can we build into something serious. The level of learning that these boys  at their age will get from first team Championship football is immense. Come on me babbers 

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20 minutes ago, Silvio Dante said:

Last season, when we played the kids, it was through necessity. Now it’s through choice - whether that’s because they’ve improved or because others have lost form. To me, that’s a huge positive.


Last season gave Nige to opportunity to get an early look and set the strategy.

11 minutes ago, billywedlock said:

sky red button, perfect . Looking forward to see how the Bristol Babes get on today . 

Pearson’s Pups!

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12 minutes ago, Mr Hankey said:

Teams dont survive in this division playing that many academy players! Whilst it may look great to some, i really cannot see us surviving with that lineup. Hoping to be proven extremely wrong of course!

Agreed. Whilst it's great to blood some youngsters, I don't agree that that is anywhere near our strongest available line up & unless it proves to be a masterstroke (NP sees them everyday in training & knows far more than I do about them) that looks like a petulant message to SL from the manager, that we are in need of more players (like we don't all know that!) 

I don't think it's fair on the kids to dump them all in the same team together. 

I hope I'm wrong & we are developing our own "class of 92" - but let's be honest, we probably aren't...! 



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3 minutes ago, Loco Rojo said:

One thing today though OTIB, these lads need support today not bashing after 5 minutes when a pass goes wrong.

I'd like to think (hope) that OTIB recognises this and won't have the typical melt down today, just once....please. 🙏

They ain't reading otib during the game, mate! 

(If they've any sense, they ain't reading it at all.)

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