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Millwall at home match day thread

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14 minutes ago, Bar BS3 said:

Agreed. Whilst it's great to blood some youngsters, I don't agree that that is anywhere near our strongest available line up & unless it proves to be a masterstroke (NP sees them everyday in training & knows far more than I do about them) that looks like a petulant message to SL from the manager, that we are in need of more players (like we don't all know that!) 

I don't think it's fair on the kids to dump them all in the same team together. 

I hope I'm wrong & we are developing our own "class of 92" - but let's be honest, we probably aren't...! 



See my earlier post from Rangernick. It is worth looking up his work on coaches voice  (web site)and his explanation about youth development. There are new theories and approaches now that are very interesting to understand. For example, of last years Champions league quarter finals, 80 percent of the players were playing first team football at 18. It goes on, but it is very interesting , more so for clubs that cannot spend and need to do something different. He basically mixed under 21's with a few pros and saw a rapid player development if such youth has the right approach and dedication. Haaland is the obvious big hit he had. Anyway, if you like to read these things it is worth following up. Pearson is going down a very similar road . It is possibly the only road we can afford to go down now.  Of course today we are without Williams, King, Baker and Tanner who would have been involved if fit. 

7 minutes ago, GreedyHarry said:

“Whip” you say🤣

Im losing this one mate !!!!

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NP and the fans know what the experienced players offer and he has clearly made decisions about what all of them offer and whether or not they are part of the future. 

NP knows better than us what the youngsters can offer. Based on his selection today he has more faith in them than in many of the senior players (albeit there are are other variables involved including injuries.) 

Whatever the result today I hope that we will see good performances from the youngsters - as we have already witnessed from those he’s been starting with such as Pring and Scott.

Come on you young Reds!

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1 hour ago, Harry said:

Here’s my predicted line up. 
4-2-3-1  similar to how we played v QPR but Tanner, King & Weimann out, Towler, Massengo & Benarous in  


Vyner Kalas Towler Pring

     Massengo James

Benarous  Scott  O’Dowda


Nearly right. 
I knew that the 7 ‘products’ were starting - Max Vyner Towler Pring Benarous Scott Semenyo. 
Knew Kalas James & O Dowda would be in too. 
Was just a case of who was gonna be the 2nd centre mid. Wondered if he might put Han in instead of Weimann but seems he may be going for Scott to play CM instead. 

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37 minutes ago, Lew-T said:

Brian Tinnion take a bow.

Tinnion is doing a good job, but there’s another way of looking at it. Palmer, Massengo, Dasilva and Nag were signed in quick succession, but the first 3 can’t get in the team and Nagy was given away. Nigel Pearson has no choice but to play young players because of the shambles he inherited. I’m sure the young players will come good but it would be nice to have a bit of experience as well. (City to win by 2 goals today)

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8 minutes ago, ChippenhamRed said:

But also an endorsement of the academy?

Yes, and it can be both things simultaneously. I'm glad that Pearson feels he can trust the academy produced players, but simultaneously I'm annoyed that we've got to the point where we have to be doing that to such a great extent.

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Looking forward to this wave of positivity translating to a measured, 'learning curve' response should we not get a result today..

All well and good seeing youngsters in the XI, the questions is are they there through requirement, merit or a bit of both.  If this lineup had been quoted at the start of the season then the conclusion could only have been that we're in much deeper trouble than any of us acknowledged. Of course it's nice to see the academy bearing fruit, however it's much easier to enthuse that the youngsters are included on merit than it is to contemplate otherwise.

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