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Fulham away match day thread

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1 minute ago, old_eastender said:

I'd say Max has had no chance in all 5 instances and his distribution of the ball has been first class.

A Max love-in all round. Hes no better distribution than Bents. Where Max has benefitted is no Martin in the team so he cant lump it. Bents has had Martin all season to smash it to. 
Having said that yes, no goals being saved today. If anything though, it should confirm Vyner can f/o!

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1 minute ago, BasSavage88 said:

You're defending this shit. ******* pathetic 

You are without doubt the biggest baby who posts on this forum. Get a grip or **** off and support somebody else. Only somebody with mental issues would fail to realise that Fulham are better than us full stop.

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Could end up very embarrassing.

Didn't really expect to be thrashed like this, but defending like we have its inevitable.

I'd expect a couple of changes at HT to try to keep the score down and maybe pinch one.

One ray of sunshine is Semenyo, two great finishes. Other than that, most of our team are watching Fulham play.

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First half in a nutshell.

Some first half! Despite a couple of great goals from AS our midfield and defending has been shocking with nobody able to close them down or match up  Mitrovic so he has two easy headed goals and then is given far too much room for his hat trick.

Fulham are quick, very fluid and mobile, they are able to drive forward with lots of space too often with really good options. They are giving us a footballing lesson at times.

Unless we do something to address the above this will be an even more embarrassing final scoreline as we are likely to concede +++ 

To finish on a positive our fans have been loud and AS has notched two excellent goals.

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I can't believe at 5-2 down I'm not too upset, probably because I wasn't expecting anything. 

Bar Vyner, who's utterly awful, I think we've looked alright. I feel for Kala's who's thinking for his own and others games ATM. 

Ignore today's result and there are some positive signs moving forward. Semenyo is the striker we needed this January - get spending any money we have or can on a centre back, right back and a winger if all or any are possible. 

Brutal afternoon though against these, so clinical and clearly targeting our weakness. 

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Deceptive scoreline in some ways. Obviously they are head and shoulders above us man for man...a Prem team playing in the Championship. Mitrovic is a class above. Any side with him up front should be walking the second tier. We are trying to take the game to them and they have ripped us apart at times. 

But we have given it a go. Bold as it seems to say this at 5-2 down at H-T, play like we are today week in and week out we'd win more than we'd lose.

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4 minutes ago, billywedlock said:

We have no midfield and the defence cannot cope with Mitrovic . They are going to hit 7 or more again this week 


3 minutes ago, ProfitInMyPocket said:

I'd take Weimann off for a midfielder, shame James ain't available. Semenyo doing the work of two up front, let's get an extra man helping out and push Massengo nearer Semenyo.



Need another in central midfield, as someone else said take Weimann or COD off. Also bring on Atkinson for Vyner.

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1 minute ago, pillred said:

Well that was a great half if you support Fulham for us it was a bloody nightmare, what is wrong with us we were the better team last week to this I despair.

Try comparing Fulhams starting lineup last with with their starting lineup this week.

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1 minute ago, Dynamite Red said:

League 1 defence (excluding Kalas) vs a Premier League forward line. 

Kalas who got done for the second goal (albeit I thought a blatant push) and was badly out of position for the third which stopped Vyner doing what he should have as he was worried about a free Mitrovic being played in. That Kalas? 

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2 minutes ago, BasSavage88 said:

You're defending this shit. ******* pathetic 

We were always highly unlikely to win. Fulham will be top tonight maintaining ( and sadly increasing) their stunning goal difference.

If the only thing that comes out of today is that Semenyo looks exactly the player many of us hoped he was then that's still a positive day and fantastic when we dont have to play a Premiership team in waiting.

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Have to go 4-1-4-1 as we need some extra cover centrally. Hope to get something on the break. Andi has to tuck in with Antoine up top alone. I think he'll give Palmer a go alongside Massengo with King dropping back. Put Scott right, Dasilva left,  COD off. Without James as an option, the only bit of bite would be Martin to play midfield. Won't happen though. Vyner simply has to go off as well.

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