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Bristol City v Cardiff City at home match day thread

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4 minutes ago, MrBibs said:

Interesting post @cidered abroad

I remember having a very Welsh great great Uncle who had worked down the mines all his life. Must have done the same by going over for the work as cousin did DNA test which showed no Welsh blood.  For all the grief and abuse we give them at football I have always found the Welsh very humble and welcoming people (On a non Cardiff v City match day anyway!)

Yes you're right MrBIbs,   I lived in Cardiff for 15 years and drove for Cardiff Bus, the depo was right next door to Ninian Park and in the 90's there was a lot of trouble between CCFC and BCFC fans. However the trouble was not always caused by the true fans, I remember a night game when a group of well known agitators who were not from Cardiff or Bristol pulled portable fences from the industrial sites opposite the ground, as the road was closed to traffic, stood behind them and were encouraging the Police to fight them. I watched from our canteen windows as Police with riot shields confronted them. the thing was that most of the agitators where not youths, but some of them must have been in their thirties and forties.  Some time later when the news reported the court cases involved, most of them were not football fans, but enjoyed causing trouble and damage at derby games and where family men.  That game ended in a goal less draw and I attended with a work mate of mine, also from Bristol, in our bus uniforms and sat with the Cardiff fans. My mate said to me before the KO, don't celebrate if we score, but thankfully there was no need, as no goals scored. Crazy times!

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I don’t see Martin in long term plans, but he is a good squad player and has obvious attributes for this type of game, especially as we’ve been poor from set pieces recently. He should be fresh and willing to fight for his place too considering he’s been out starting lineup for few games so expecting good game from him

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2 minutes ago, Alessandro said:

If that’s still some sort of 3-5-2:

Scott RWB

Weimann in Scott’s hole?

Bit of a shame not to have those two in the positions they’ve been effective recently, but we’ll see how things unfold.


Sounds painful. 

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16 minutes ago, old_eastender said:

Agree. Can't imagine Flint was looking forward to facing Semenyo's pace and Weimann's movement. I would think he is relishing going up against Martin.

Bad call from NP for me.

When Flint was here (before Martin was here) he was asked who was the most difficult player he had come up against.

He said Martin.

I think Flint won't be "relishing" going up against Martin.

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35 minutes ago, petehinton said:

Martin Semenyo partnership I think. Need Martin at set pieces too. Rate it 

Hope you’re right! 

19 minutes ago, bcfc01 said:

When Flint was here (before Martin was here) he was asked who was the most difficult player he had come up against.

He said Martin.

I think Flint won't be "relishing" going up against Martin.

Bluff and double bluff…..🤞😄

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