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The next three games.

Lanterne Rouge

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12 minutes ago, Lanterne Rouge said:

They`re all much of a muchness, mid-table fodder. If one was Hull or Reading we`d prefer to win that one out of the three. 

Fair enough, although honestly we've been in no danger of relegation at any point. But I get you'd like to beat teams below you.

Honestly if we keep going at 1.2ish ppg then we'll be fine.

Next three games I'd say Luton away is the toughest. If I had to pick then there's the loss. Maybe a draw with PNE and then nick a win against Blackpool. 

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These are average teams, but so is City, so a draw away to any of them would be a good result. For me, three points from these three games would be ok. Five points (two draws and a win) would be excellent 

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1 hour ago, Lanterne Rouge said:

Luton, PNE & Blackpool all away. Three of the four sides immediately above us.

Would we be happy with three points or should we expect more? Luton looks like we might have a bit of a scratch side out and the other two are horrible long trips so I think I would be happy with three.

I wouldn't be, why would you? they are 3 teams in or around us with similar points we are also showing signs of improvement 5 points would be my hope and expectation though being city a WDL is most likely in any order. 

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3 points from 3 away games is about what you might normally expect, but I sense that despite our injury issues, the team’s confidence is on the up. You only have to look at our attacking intent with Semenyo, Martin and Weimann.

None of these away games are particularly happy hunting grounds for us, but I think we have finally broken the voodoo that Preston had over us for so many years. Luton will be probably the toughest game, and it would be good to right the wrong of that last minute equaliser from Blackpool on the first day of the season.  

So I am going for draws against Luton and Preston, plus a win against Blackpool, so a total of 5 points from 3 games. The really important game is the one after these against Reading at home, which we definitely need to win to put a clear space between ourselves in mid table and the teams in the relegation scrap.

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1 hour ago, Davefevs said:

One game at a time….sorry, I’m boring!

I wouldn’t say that….Exactly!

I’m a fundamentalist. I always think we can win. I see nine points from our next three games and a late play off run! 

Pubs open!

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