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Coventry City at home match day thread

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6 hours ago, Roger Red Hat said:

Why does he have to be 'abused' FFS?




Abuse is never going to help the situation.

I'm sure few would disagree that the desire, dedication and the effort to do well for the team is there from Han.

What more can you ask for? (Apart from never, ever to make a mistake)

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16 hours ago, billywedlock said:

Sky Blues Mark Robins told BBC CWR:

"It wasn't our best performance, but it was one of our best results. That was one of our toughest games of the season, so it was a fantastic result.

"Nigel Pearson has done a brilliant job with Bristol City and his team are a totally different proposition to last season. Their front three cause problems and they have some exciting young players, with a desire to do well. We had to play well.

Very respectful comments. Always liked Robins especially since his loan period here.

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3 hours ago, downendcity said:

Obviously frustrated that yet another very late goal has cost us.

However, not that long ago, and for much of the season, we have conceded late goals because we have been under pretty incessant pressure and hanging on for dear life.

While I didn't see last night’s game, it sounds like after a poor first half we came back strongly and were on top through the second half and were punished for going for the win. With so many young players in the team and if we are on top, is this something we perhaps have to accept can happen, as youngsters will not be so strong on game management and their natural inclination will be to go for it, rather than doing what is needed to hold on to a point?

Also, it’s often said that the best form of defence is attack. How many times have we been punished because we gradually drop ever deeper when trying t hold on in a game, only to attract ever more pressure with the almost inevitable result. While a mistake can happen ( as last night) I would prefer us to keep the opposition pinned deep in their own half in the latter part of games.

Absolutely on the money. Well said, that man. 

There has clearly been some flack aimed at HNM on this thread that I’ve missed and can’t be arsed to backtrack to, so apologies for any repetition of comments already made by others, but one observation about the lad, FWIW.

I love the energy that he brings to the side and the tempo at which he likes to play. The one (very occasional) drawback is that his desire to do everything at 100mph can sometimes lead to hastily executed passes and mistakes. If there is one thing lacking in his game, it is - arguably - composure. The injection of intensity, he excels at: what he may need to learn is when to slow the game down, rather than speed it up. I would see it positively and as a developmental issue. He is still very young and very talented. I see no reason why that quality cannot be coached into him. He’s what? Twenty? He’s well ahead of the curve compared to many at his age, but he can hardly be expected to be the complete midfielder at this stage in his career. As always on OTIB,  some are quick to condemn.

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27 minutes ago, steviestevieneville said:

Neither  am I son . I’m pointing out what actually happened. If you bothered turning up to games you may have a more balanced view. 

  • Maybe a round trip of about 400miles is a little bit far for a Tues night game.
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36 minutes ago, EstoniaTallinnRed said:

That's exactly what Chris Honour said ON RB after they scored. They should have fouled him.

Game management it happened with Massengo late in the game against Boro he should of kept the ball for longer.. Pearson spitting features on the touch line and yes again tonight just a clip or push whatever to stop momentum.

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i got called in for a 24hr heart monitor fitting yesterday afternoon. the doctor fitting it was in hysterics when i told him it was the worst possible day and the machine would probably blow up about 9.30 and the reason why,  it bloody did happen too and i was dreading the analysis this afternoon.  thankfully i got away with it and no further tests for a year so im obviously getting used to the late disappointments. onwards and upwards, ( sideways will do for this season) 

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14 hours ago, steviestevieneville said:

Can’t she speak for herself ? 

Seen every game bar Cov since Xmas near enough, been to an away game which given my current circumstances since Xmas was a massive undertaking for me considering the shit I've been through. 

Probs at well over 1000 live football games from International level down to park level over all. 

Just exactly how many 'more' games is enough for you? 

Not sure why you feel the need to try and willy wave just because you disagree. Its pretty sad really especially as there's a whole thread that agrees with pretty much everything I said from a different poster.

However instead you choose to be an antagonistic twonk and then wind up another poster for good measure. 

Not your classiest move then. 




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OTIB is about fans opinions on our favourite football team. It doesn't really matter whether you know a lot about the game or club or not, all opinions are welcome. Its the varied degree of opinion which makes OTIB so popular and interesting. But you will get a far better response and debate if you are respectful to each other. Please people, try to consider that before putting it on here.

The only "free for all" should be the "Dustbin" thread where you can vent off [I should say within reason!] 

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