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Birmingham City at home match day thread

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Midfield selection makes sense, as seems highly likely Massengo will be off in the summer (given he is out of contract end of next season), so might as well see how our midfield can function without him. NP has said he won;t allow another Fammy situation to happen where a saleable asset is allowed to run down their contract and leave for nowt. 

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47 minutes ago, maxjak said:

Must be great to be an upstanding citizen?  Have you ever noticed how people start forgetting   what it was like to be young?

I'm 68 and find that  I forget what it was like to be 65 , let alone what it was like to be young! :D

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1 minute ago, Merrick's Marvels said:

Decent team that, about the best available. Add a couple of full backs and we're in business. 

Yes was thinking the same and the bench looks strong. Over to the team lets see who wants to be hear next season.

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1 hour ago, sh1t_ref_again said:

So you think its okay for lads in late teens / early 20's to go and lock themselves in a cubicle whilst others were waiting to use the toilet so they can sniff coke


Never did drugs or approve of their use

Imagine being arsed.

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