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Dyche leaving Burnley?


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1 hour ago, Major Isewater said:

We made the naive mistake of buying in three players from an excellent Chesterfield team , Mercer, Holland and Dyche who had overperformed and , more poignantly, overplayed the previous season. 
They all arrived carrying injuries and despite their quality and the logic of our transfer policy, as this is City, it all went chest up. 
A was a big disappointment for all parties. 

Mercer arrived in 1999 under Pulis I thought, unsure about Holland but think Dyche predated them both.

Unsure what went wrong with Dyche here, I know that he had a reasonable career after leaving us with Millwall and Watford at Championship level.

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He met with club captain before leaving the ground for the last time and he said

Ben, the two of us need look no more
We both found what we were looking for
With a friend to call my own
I'll never be alone
And you my friend will see
You've got a friend in me
(You've got a friend in me)

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3 hours ago, GrahamC said:

If you think he would be remotely interested in taking us over I genuinely worry for your sanity.

Plus he never fails to take the opportunity to say how poorly treated he was here, by both the medical team & supporters.

Klopp is as likely to arrive in BS3 as him.

Brillaint ☺️. When did Klopp leave Liverpool 🤪

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4 hours ago, Simon bristol said:

I suspect coming here isnt high on his list of priorities after his experience here as a player!

So he's not going to be a Rockin' Robin then? 🙂

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5 hours ago, Northern Red said:

I would, massively. Not so much Pearson going, but Dyche would have far more attractive offers.

I also doubt he’d have any interest in managing us. Ex player yes but not a good one and not one with much love for the club if I recall?

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2 hours ago, Merrick's Marvels said:

Yep and well before their cup run in 97. Would have been a great signing. 

But the Board wouldn't give Joe the money (£700K??).

My recollection is that we had a deal done but the day before he was due to sign he scored three at Bolton(?) in the cup and his price skyrocketed.

Could have just been a rumour at the time though.

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7 hours ago, E.G.Red said:

Sam Allardyce? A Burnley fan who rang in to TALKSPORT said his father spotted Sam in the local Tesco Express earlier in the week.

I saw Alan Dicks in my local barbers a few weeks ago. This must mean something 

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8 hours ago, Robbored said:

This is a perfect example of what can happens when a club gets taken over by new owners - in Burnley’s case a bunch of Americans. They’ve saddled Burnley with debts and the risk of losing PL income is frightening them.

If SL ever sold up the same could happen to us. 

Could be a slippery slide for them now.

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