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Nigel Pearson (sports commentator) has died


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  • The title was changed to Nigel Pearson has died
  • The title was changed to Nigel Pearson (sports commentator) has died
7 minutes ago, Tim S said:

Slightly insensitive title but yes, very sad to hear that Nigel Pearson - the sports commentator and journalist has passed away.

Lovely man and great behind the mic on talkSPORT.


He was superb on darts also think he did Rugby League and was a reporter on Soccer Saturday. RIP Nigel.

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3 minutes ago, joe jordans teeth said:

That’s fair enough,depends if the op is a usual crap poster or it was just a mistake,you all certainly jumped on him

The first one said 'Nigel Pearson is Dead' which was quite obviously deliberate and I have just about recovered from the initial shock

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1 hour ago, iamsober said:

Sad to hear the passing of the sport/media man. 

I don’t follow darts, so, perhaps not surprisingly, had never heard of this particular Nigel Pearson.

What will not be surprising, therefore, is the awful feeling I had when I saw the heading  ‘Nigel Pearson is dead’.

It really wasn’t very clever, and was most certainly not very respectful of the now late Mr Pearson, and I can’t help but think how regrettable it is that a thread that should have been remembering a deceased sports commentator now appears to be more focused on your crass opening post.


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8 minutes ago, wendyredredrobin said:

Legendary darts and speedway commentator Nigel Pearson dies at 52 https://mol.im/a/10723041 via https://dailym.ai/android




As a Speedway Fan , absolutely one of my very favourite commentators 

Great commentators voice , knowledgable , Passionate , humorous and a really down to earth bloke

RIP Nigel - will really miss that voice 

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