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Huddersfield Town away match day thread

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5 minutes ago, Red_Alligator said:

Some sharper finishing from us may have helped, but there you are. That's football and a good indicator, if nothing else, of why both teams are placed where they are at the end of this season. Goals win football matches, simple as that.

Teams at the top end stop them going in when they aren’t playing at their best too.

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3 minutes ago, Bristol Rob said:

For those complaining about the lack of BBC coverage on RobinsTV don't be too quick to get to a radio, Geoff and Wally and spending half time making a crispy sock.

Surprised Wally`s there. I thought his multi-billion pound takeover of Chelsea would be taking up all of his time.

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2 minutes ago, Lanterne Rouge said:

I don`t think so in that situation where the keeper effectively gives the ball to the striker. A bit like Taylor Moore/Assombalongs a few seasons back,

But had the rules been applied correctly Cornick wouldn’t have been able to stand behind the keeper. A very unsporting Luton goal to score 

Had it gone the other way we’d never have heard the end of it from their manager 

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3 minutes ago, WolfOfWestStreet said:

Bentley said the season was ending at the wrong time ... disagre, think we all need a break from this club. 

To be fair we’ve just gone five unbeaten, rested our best midfield player with a view to the longer term and are getting beat by a good side. Nothing to worry about.

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Just one of those matches were not too much in it, we have contributed to it fully as a match, but are 2-0 down. Is what it is. Missing a bit of metal in midfield and not looking right at the back. Rare we don’t score at all, so hopefully we can still keep it relatively tight.

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1 hour ago, EstoniaTallinnRed said:

Robins TV audio is on again this week, why have they changed from using Radio Bristol's commentary? Their audio commentary is useless and not a patch on RB's, not sure if I will renew my subs if this is going to be the norm.

Can someone give me an email address to complain. 

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