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13 hours ago, joe jordans teeth said:

Are they not overachievers,are they a bigger club than City

I thought you meant Manchester City…


But you mean us! Of course they are bigger than us, it’s no question.

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Just now, Sheltons Army said:

Great header that !


He looks a decent player McKirdy. Was a big loss for Swindon when he picked up an Injury in February, their form dipped massively

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20 minutes ago, bcfc01 said:

Wollacott on the bench - thought he was number one for them ?

Not a great watch tbh.

Only signed a one year deal, he was in the PFA team of the season, so my hunch is he’s moving on in the summer & Swindon already know that.

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Posted (edited)

Stockport v Halifax

Dag + Red v Wrexham 

Stockport only need a point to secure promotion back to the football league if Wrexham win. Tough games for them both.

Live on BT sports 1 from 2-30pm kick off at 3 pm for those who are interested 

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1 hour ago, RoystonFoote'snephew said:

Apart from my natural dislike for Swindle I couldn't support a team with a pony tail forward line. I've always agreed with the adage a man with a pony tail is like a horse. When you lift up the tail you'll find an arsehole underneath. 

I agree. I bet he’s ashamed of his hair every time he walks back to the centre spot after scoring 😁

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