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Eurovision Song Contest

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Feel free to shoot me...

I can remember when the ESC was presented by Katie Boyle, in black and white. Back then it was a minor miracle for the telly to work without the picture jumping about, but the contest brought together several nations - each of whom had their own system of broadcasting. The real spectacle was the show's ability to bring those different systems and rebroadcast them in a form that everyone could see. Quite often the results from the nations' juries were given over the telephone, because they couldn't achieve it.

Moving on to later years, the ESC actually had some decent music in it and was, arguably, what it said on the tin. It became something to watch and enjoy. We even had a winner or two in amongst it all.

Recent years have somehow changed everything. Music seems to be a minor detail - it's all about the spectacle. Strange sounds are upstaged by even stranger costumes and performances. Popularity is based on extremism. And I am still bewildered by a European competition that includes Israel and Australia.

But the real intent of the ESC was never really about a simple song in the first place. Even in the dim and distant past the shadow of politics always had a presence. Certain juries were certainties to vote sympathetically; outcast nations were roundly ignored and handed Nil Points at every turn. We know that. What was once an evening feature has now grown to be a week-long festival, with semi-finals and all. How soon before the ESC outguns the Champions League?

Anyway, you can be assured that my telly will be tuned to something completely different this weekend.


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12 hours ago, BS2 Red said:

Are you saying that this isn't one of the greatest songs of all time?


Hilarious lyrics. The music kept my attention throughout. The banana-coloured wolf costumes are a winner. And setting off the fireworks for no reason tops it off. I hope they do well.

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What is going on?!


8 hours ago, Bristol Rob said:

I have zero interest in it, but would guess if Ukraine have an entry and it consists on someone doing a big poo on the stage whilst reading from the phone book with no music, they'll still win.

Apparently not…

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14 minutes ago, And Its Smith said:

As predicted by the experts, UK, Sweden and Spain top 3. How do they know?!

The songs are released way in advance of the competition.

All those years of moaning "everyone hates us!" when we entered dogshit songs. 😂

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